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California Style Mexican Foods

LA Tacos provides real California taste to people in Japan!

The owner, Hiro Papa, had lived in the USA for more than 35 years.  Whenever he visited Japan, he felt it was difficult to find good, delicious California style Mexican foods he always enjoyed in California. He knew that people who know the taste of real California style tacos are missing the taste. To serve those who craved for the real taste of California style tacos and burritos in Japan, he founded LA Tacos in Kanagawa prefecture of Japan.

He hopes to introduce the taste to Japanese people who have not experienced it.  LA Tacos’ mission is to make customers smile with its delicious dishes.

LA Tacos' Original Salsa

Birria Tacos

Every place in California that serves birria tacos has a line filled with people!

Biria is a dish in which the meat is simmered in consommé for several hours until the meat is tender. It is also filled with several types of chiles, herbs and vegetables. It was originally served with goat meat in Mexico Jalisco, but they are now cooked with beef in Los Angeles.

Birra tacos are also called red tacos, since they are reddish in color. The reddish color comes from baking the tortillas which is soaked into the oil that floats in the consommé. Cheese is not usually added to Mexican tacos, but birria tacos are baked with cheese. Therefore, the word "quesa" meaning cheese, is added into the name. Which is why it is sold as birria quesa tacos. There are Mexican fast-food restaurants in the U.S. such as Del Taco and Taco Bell, but their tacos are covered with cheese since it is an Americanized version of a taco.

LA Tacos also offers Mexican food with a Californian twist, rather than Mexican local cuisine. In Japan, many restaurants offer tacos and burritos with a Japanese twist, but as an owner who has lived in the U.S. for a long time, I can't forget the taste I had in Los Angeles! I want to serve my tacos to those who can't forget the taste they had in L.A. and to those who wonder what the difference between California style and Japanese style is.

I wish for people to try my tacos and understand the taste of California style. It is our pleasure to serve to those who are looking forward to understanding what California style tacos tastes like!


Chicken Quesabirria Tacos
600Yen (including tax)

Pork Chorizo Tacos
600Yen (including tax)

Baja Fish Tacos
650Yen (including tax)

Mix Burrito
1100Yen (including tax)

Popcorn Chicken
400Yen (including tax)

French Fries
350Yen (including Tax)

Salsa Sauce
Ranch Dressing
Small 100Yen (including Tax)
Large 400Yen (including Tax)

Chicken Tortilla Soup
500Yen (including Tax)

Birria Consome
400Yen (including Tax)